About the Joy of Tech
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Technology made easy

Back in 2010 if I had heard someone tell me they technology could be made easy i would have laughed. Back then I owned a standard mobile phone. It took me half an hour to type a mLIAM_taking hatessage! I was really frustrated with technology. It was not working the way I wanted, I thought I was stupid and it was affecting my business. That weekend my wife bought an iPhone and I asked if I could borrow it. I played on it for 7 hours straight and was amazed what it could do. I went and bought an iPhone the next day. That weekend I had made choice not to ever use technology as a limitation. It was then that I realised I had found the JOY OF TECHNOLOGY. At long last Technology made easy!

You see the trick with the Joy of technology is not knowing how to use it but knowing that it can be a powerful tool to support your creations. You may not know  the "how" but when you perceive technology from joy you can find the people and the technology that works for you!