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Every body loves to recommend their favourite coffee brands. Often is it based on personal choice. The recommendations below are my personal choices based on reliability, security, functionality, ease, price and back up support. Some of them I use their affiliate programs, but none of them are chosen based on that. We actually use these at the Joy of Tech with many of our websites. You can of course choose other companies, plugins and gadgets.*

godaddy logoGoDaddy Hosting and Domain Dames

What is hosting and what is a domain?

A hosting company is required for your website as they provide the remote server where your site will sit. A domain name is the name you will use to give to people so they can find you. For example, our domain name is

Why do we use them?

GoDaddy are easy to set up and use. They are price competitive and they have secure servers. What we really like about them is the after sales support. They can be contacted anytime, anywhere and are really helpful. Often when you set up hosting with the same company you get a free domain name!JOT logo



What is Youtube?

Youtube is is actually the second biggest search engine in the world! It is a place where you can store videos that you make and then you can have those videos on your site, in your blog posts on Facebook and in emails to name but a few places.

Why do we use Youtube?

They are free! In recent years more and more adverts have been appearing on them, you don't have to have ads on your personal videos, though you could set up an account for this to occur. They are really easy to use! You only have a few seconds when someone lands on your page, if you have a Youtube video they may hang about a it longer.
                                                              Have you watch our JOT video?JOT logo


wordpress logoWordPress

What is WordPress?

WordPress is an application that sits in your hosting that allows you to build the website. Originally Wordpress was a blogging platform, now you can get themes and plugins to make complete websites. 

Why do we use WordPress?

It is fun and easy to build with WordPress and there are themes and plugins to create all sorts of amazing things. I have built in other systems such as Joomla but find WordPress is more compatible to my way of thinking. We can also build your site in other template builders such as Weebly, if that is the case you need to contact us for more info.JOT logo


mail chimp logoMailchimp Email Marketing 

What is email marketing?

Email marketing helps you find and maintain your clients. They also provide great data on how your emails are performing. Many people use them for newsletters and marketing.

Why do we use Mailchimp?

We use Mailchimp as they are fun and easy to use company. One of the great things about them is that their service is free for up to 2000 clients. So if you are starting out this can be a great boon. They are one of the biggest and well known and have been going for years. They also have double opt ins which means you and your clients know that they are not going to get spammed when they sign up with you.

Even if you are not ready yet I would recommend setting up an account right now, they won't keep it free for ever!!!JOT logo



optimize logo111Optimize Press Theme

What is a theme?

A theme is a program that sits on hosting that gives you the flavour and functionality of the site. In general the more functionality the higher the price of the theme.

Why do we use OptimizePress?

OptimizePress is a bit more expensive than all the other themes but it's functionality is amazing. It is easy to use and for the first year their after sales service is great! You can extend that service and update the theme by paying each year. This is the one we use for people that want something more expansive and looking better. It is also responsive which means your website automatically adjusts its self for phones and tablets. Having a responsive website is a must now or you will loose your ranking in the google hen pecking! By the way this site was not built with this theme. This theme is Tesseract and is pretty dam cool too!JOT logo


facebook-logo  twitter logo  linked in logo


Social Media

What is social media?

Social media like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn... are where you can connect with friends or potential clients.

Why do we use social media?

I could not get into social media until one day I realised it could be a huge contribution to my business. It's a great way to connect with people. BUT. If you don't like it don't do it or get someone else to do it for you. The most successful people with social media are people that love to talk with people and love being social.JOT logo


* Please remember that if choose other applications etc and our technicians are not trained in them that it will take longer to create what it is you want and could incur extra charges.