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A fun book that allows the reader to perceive a totally different way of being with technology.

Roger is a real magician. Not one of those that dresses up in pointy hats and carries a wand, but one who whispers with molecules and asks questions to generate something completely different.

For many years now the planet has been ruled by the form and structure of the slow and serious called the three / four reality, and any real magic witnessed by them is destroyed on the spot by the unbelief of infinite possibilities.

Roger’s mission is to find the people that truly believe in the magic of consciousness, and show the planet that there is indeed another way, one that is light and fun and full of adventure.

Roger is neither hero nor villain but is willing to be both if that is what it takes to change the world. In his quest, he communes with the molecules of the vehicles of his youth, to assist in

transforming the people that know that there is something greater than this reality, but have been sold the lie of conformity.

Jam packed with humour, twists that you least expect and hints on how to create awareness yourself, Roger takes you on a ride of magic, mayhem and misadventure.

If you met Roger on the street, what will you choose?

Empowering you to empower your business and life


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