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Website Building, Design and Functionality

Below are 3 examples of website building, design and functionality, each one has a different target and different designers. In short there is no right or wrong way to design your web site. I have seen hideous websites and yet they are creating lots of business. I have seen simply stunning websites and yet business wise nothing is happening. Website building should represents you and or your business and have  a balance of functionality and design that invites people to play and come back. If you look at your site and you don't like it then that is part of your business that you won't receive from. Please look at the sites below, they have all been created by us, not because we want to show case our best stuff, but because these people were all happy with what was created. They are happy, it works for them, they can receive business from their site. Look at each picture and see what elements work for you and what elements don't. Then below each one I am going to write a little explanation about the website building, design and functionality.

Screen Shot 2015-05-04 at 6.25.52 pm

This was one of our first websites. However the design criteria here was to keep the site the same as the original! The owner had security hitches and asked us to develop a site that was a blue print of the original but using a different theme. He wanted a slider, this where pictures move, his blog on the front page and a simple logo at the top. His business is already created and his site is to keep connected with his clients hence there is an RSS feed (when you use this it allows the person to receive your blog posts in their email) and a place where he could point people to his physical shop. One of the the things that I would like you to look at is the little word home in the top left, this is out of place on this site and is a feature on all WordPress site. We were able to remove it later by adding a plugin. A plugin allows you to modify a wordpress site.

Screen Shot 2015-05-04 at 6.25.18 pm

This site is another Pottery site but aimed at kids potting classes. The Owner has a keen eye for simple design and knew what she wanted it too look like. She wanted it to be clean cut and simple and she wanted lots of pictures. We worked with her... She would draw her vision of each page, photograph it and send by email to us to implement. Again she wanted a slider. Why are sliders so popular these days. Simply they are very visually stimulating. Functionally, you have about 10 seconds to engage your visitor an a  slider can do this. This is a very simple slider but if you are willing to splash out a bit more you can buy sliders with all the bells and whistles, like videos, buttons, and links. People are very visual these days and will tend to choose sites on look and ease of functionality. What would you like your site to look like? 

Screen Shot 2015-05-04 at 6.27.10 pm

This web site is a quick and dirty sales page. I can talk nasty things about this site because I own it! It's main purpose is to engage the visitor with a video and sales pitch and out of screen shot there is a opt in page. An opt-in page is used to capture people emails addresses so they can be on your database, or in this case receive a free video series. The theme used on this is very easy to use and you can change things very easily and quickly and that was important for Max and I because we are always changing. We required a page that was responsive and quick to build. Responsive layouts are very important at the moment. A responsive layout means your site can be easily navigated on computers, tablet and phones. Google will move you down the ranks if your web site does not have this feature built in! 



A basic 5 page web site like these start at $500. The more functionality, the more design, the higher the price. This site you are on right now is the result of research to create a 5 page web site with fun functions that is affordable and looks great, we looked at all the big names like Apple and Google and used their design principles.


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